A year in the life Series

We are committed to honesty and authenticity with our vision for photographing every occasion. That is the foundation for our "Year in the Life" series. Quarterly photography sessions offer a remarkable way to capture the joys of a growing family. Each session becomes a celebration of cherished milestones, from the glowing anticipation of the maternity shoot to the baby's first smiles, tiny toes, and wobbly steps. With every click of the camera, these fleeting moments are preserved in time, creating a beautiful visual timeline of your family's journey.

The best part is that the photography sessions capture the authenticity of your family, allowing you to relax and be yourselves in front of the camera, resulting in natural and heartwarming shots as the series of photos unfold over the course of a year. With each session, you have the opportunity to experiment with personalized themes, settings, and backdrops that reflect your family's unique personality and style. Embrace the magic, create memories, and cherish the love that fills your home throughout this incredible year. Bringing this journey full circle, we present you with a carefully crafted album at the finale, encapsulating the cherished moments from all six sessions.



Three months

Six months

Nine months

First Year